bookcase particle board modern furniture - bookcase

style:particle board, FC emission standard : E1 E2, advantage:Direct manufacturer,low price, resistant:acid,abrasion,heat,poll - details see: //
Type: Living Room FurnitureGeneral Use: Home FurnitureSpecific Use: BookcaseMaterial: Wooden
Wood Style: PanelPanel Type: Particle BoardAppearance: ModernFolded: No
Size: 60x24x180cmPlace of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)Brand Name: XJModel Number: bookcase
cover material: PU paper or melaminecover pattern: more choice on our home pageitem price: direct manufacturer's priceitem style: this sample or your design
quality: frequent customers' beliefservice: by us , for youusage: simple but practicalcharacteristic: environmental and beautiful
MOQ: 500pcsresistant: acid,abrasion,heat,pollution  
bookcase particle board modern furniture
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Xinju Furniture Factory . 1998
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You design,we produce

used in your livingroom

Just put small objects into it ,such as files,books .

So convenient for your life .

production procedures:

board-sawing→edge-banding →punching→board-washing→packaging

the following colorful PU cover for your choice :

More choice on our home page :

The melamine cover have been tested by ISO STANDARD 4586-2

1acid testingtesting sample cover of muriatic acid

0.2N or 4N for 15 minutes or 24 hours

color and gloss have changed

slight to middle :

3 degree

2porosityHow much graphite cover the sampleunder 15 times manifier ,

less graphite :

>=4 degree

3break obstructionsample is put into the roaster for

24 hours

seen by eyes , no flaw:

>=4 degree



sample is covered by something colorful for 16 hours:coffee , tea, milk,soy sauce,cleaning agent,acetoneno any change:

>=4 degree

5anti polutionsample is covered by sewage:

shoe cream,industrial oil,greasy food

no any change:

>=4 degree

6anti smokesample cover is fumigated by smokeerase the slight brown color with alcohol :

>=4 degree

7anti abrasiona sample (100x100mm) is polished by grinder

(speed 100rpm)

losing less than 100mg every 100 revolutions
8anti dry heat


put a bottle of oil(180°C) onto the samplegloss and color have no any change ,but little in some corners

>=4 degree

the following colorful Melamine cover for your chioce :

More choice on our home page :

Packaging Detail:export with components form in cardboard boxes
Delivery Detail:less than 35 days

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