Magnificent French Antique Boulle Regency Style Gilt-Bronze - 0343

Luxury French Antique Cabinet with Boulle with one door & one drawer, a great Gilt-bronze, marble top. - details see: //
Type: Living Room FurnitureGeneral Use: Home FurnitureMaterial: WoodWood Style: Solid Wood
Wood Type: BeechAppearance: AntiquePlace of Origin: EgyptBrand Name: MobiLusso
Model Number: 0343Style: Luxury Antique French (Boulle)  
Magnificent French Antique Boulle Regency Style Gilt-Bronze
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In our factory, we have multiple production lines of French antique reproduction furniture and Italian home furniture items.
Also interior design in addition to manufacture your own design "any design or (make a copy) and provide all the solutions.

These are some patterns of our production lines:
- Luxury Italian furniture; Hand-painted , Art Deco, massive furniture.
- Reproduction French antique furniture; Marquetry with brass (bronze), Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency,Empire styles, Rococo.
- Chairs,armchairs in Italian & French style - wood carved furniture.
- Hotel furnishings and modern , Classic furnishings , Wooden doors.
"Tutti i nostri prodotti sono fatti a mano, modelli delle nostre linee di produzioni sono mobili italiani; Dipinto a mano , Art deco, mobili voluminosi, riproduzione i mobili dei francesi ; Intarsiatura con ottone (bronzo), Louis XVI, Louis XV, reggenza, legno ha intagliato la mobilia, stili dell'impero - sedie italiane e francese - arredamento dell'albergo ed arredamento moderno e classico".

In order to ensure that we achieve the highest quality of the product;
- We drain wood according to universal standards from 8% to 12% before we use it, to avoid any after manufacturing defects.
- We have our own special techniques in finishes in addition to using environmentally friendly paints.
- Manufacturing of each piece is done carefully by our skilled craftsmen to ensure that our clients receive a unique piece worthy of them.
- We make sure that everything is alright before handing over our work to ensure that what the client wants (wishes) is what he gets, because we realize that your success is our success.

See how our products are manufactured and more details .. at
We are honored to express our interest to begin business cooperation with You so please don't hesitae to contact us.

Packaging Detail:- Special, anti-adhesion paper so as not to harm the surface of the furniture. - Cardboard, to protect the product from shock during transportation and shipping. - Bubbles wrap, go around the entire product and more layers at the corners. For glass and mirrors, they are encapsulated and carefully placed in wooden box.
Delivery Detail:According to the quantity required.

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